About Us

What is APUK

APUK is the gathering of healthcare & IT  professionals who  passionate in elevating the level of healthcare standardization by aligning technologies to facilitate the continuous healthcare improvement. With more than 10 years experiences pluses with the extensive researches on various healthcare IT solutions in the market, APUK has formed the healthcare informatics services offering the strategic management plan and implementation to enable advancements in all healthcare scales. APUK intends to help creating options and opportunities to practically level up healthcare standardization and sustainably provide the best healthcare services.

APUK Market Solution

Advanced Clinical Documentation

APUK  offers planning and implementation of the clinical documentation tool which facilitates in creating a well-structured electronic form for clinicians. This easy to use tool helps structuring and acting as a data transforming front line to ensure the quality data stored in your database.

Standard Medical Terminology & Data structuring

Clinical Data engines is offering the standard terminology pool, gathering over 400,000 clinical terms, 1M+ relations that creates the ability to support decision making for clinicians right at the point of care. This engine also helps shaping your clinical data to facilitate data transferring, health information exchange, quality improvement, research or a marketing campaign. Together with our documentation tool, APUK solutions will help you build a power tool to help transforming your clinical data from starting point until the ends.

Healthcare IT Consultation

With more than 10 years experiences in Hospital Quality Management and Healthcare IT Management, APUK is also offering a reliable consultation services including: IT transformation, Business and gaps analysis, IT strategic management, change management, and HIMSS/EMRAM Accreditation.

What will you get from APUK?

Business Outcomes

Better data at the point of care increases business benefits:

  • Create marketing target and package products
  • Use data to identify and eliminate costs of poor quality at the root cause
  • Automate and identify ways to increase insurance reimbursement and streamline the discharge process
  • Implement hospital-wide quality measures systematically

Clinical Outcomes

Electronic documentation that is tailored and includes clinical decision support at the point of care for consistent, high-quality care:

  • Provide clinical information needed for patient care when the clinical user wants it without them having to look for it
  • Reduce length of stay, readmission and revisit rates
  • Implement patient safety improvement processes
  • Reduce differences in care between junior and senior clinicians

Service Outcomes

Better data at the point of care improves efficiency of clinical user and administrative staff:

  • More efficient communication
  • Processing data not paper
  • Innovative ways to use data to enhance payment models

Research Outcomes

Improve the overall health of Thailand by capturing detailed, structured data for population health analysis:

  • Point of care information captured as coded data and ready to be analyzed (SNOMED, ICD-9, ICD-10).
  • No conversion of free text or hand written notes to coded data required
  • Quickly identify trends, perform comparative effectiveness research, test outcome improvement theories


APUK is a team consist of healthcare & IT professionals who have had experiences in Healthcare IT industry for more than  10  years. APUK has constructed an in-depth knowledge to easily understand mandatory requirements for both clinicians and organization. Moreover, the experiences with numerous types of healthcare IT system plus with JCI and HIMSS/ENRAM scheme has shaped APUK with the capabilities to provide a proficient system design and strategically plan for the practical implementation following the JCI and HIMSS/EMRAM standardization. As a result, APUK has become one of the most trusted partner for both domestically and internationally.

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